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Deltamed was founded in 1997 as a private company, headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Since then, Deltamed became the main domestic manufacturer of ambulances and special vehicles and the leading Romanian provider of solutions for emergency medicine, having a wide portfolio of products.



– Type A, B and C ambulances,bodied on various vans: Volkswagen Transporter and Crafter, Mercedes Sprinter, Citroen Jumper and Jumpy, Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer
– Special Vehicle superstructures built on various chassis (Mercedes, Renault, MAN, mantra) or bodied on vans of different car manufacturers
– Vehicles designed to transport persons with disabilities, with or without wheelchairs;
– Medical motorcycle



The service department ensures the maintenance of the equipment sold by our company, both in-warranty and post-warranty. Through the efficiency of our technicians we try to achieve the highest standards in terms of maintenance services of the delivered medical equipment and ambulances. Our staff is in permanent touch with the producers of the served equipment,  in order to always have access to the latest data.




Merci Charity Boutique

We are glad that the Deltamed team has been open to innovating in health. It is important to have a partner who understands your ambitions and possibilities and looks for solutions with you. And I found all these attributes in the Deltamed team.

It was equally important that they understood our mission and gave us important support for our activities, donating us a mobile medical office that we later equipped.

We hope it will be a lasting partnership!

Merci Charity - www.zanamerciluta.ro

non-profit organization

Motivation Romania

We are happy to share this durable collaboration with our friends from Deltamed.

Our roads intersected in 2015, when the Motivation Foundation coordinated a project for people with locomotor disabilities, in which the partner associations offered wheelchair adapted transport services. Deltamed helped us by adapting eight Dacia Dokker vehicles and with this extraordinary resource we managed to offer quality and safe transport services.

Our relationship has become much closer and Deltamed is one of our closest sponsors every year. We are very happy with this collaboration and we already have plans for the future so that, together, we can come even more in support of children and adults with disabilities wheelchairs dependant.

We thank Ioana, George and Florin, the people we kept in touch with the most, and to the entire Deltamed team.

Iuliana Meseșan

Motivation România

Salon WUFF

We were very pleased with the result Deltamed delivered, although we needed to put some pressure to have the RAR ready on time and to be able to start our activity according to the predetermined timeline. Beyond that, we believe that the response time to any request was optimum, and the entire team involved responded promptly and efficiently to our specific requirements and needs.


The communication and any aspect of the collaboration were productive, and everyone I encountered in this manner was a real professional.


It was a pleasure to work with the designated team, everyone responding nicely and correctly to all the situations risen during the project development.


We hope that in the near future we will meet all the favourable conditions to be able to start the project of the second car.


Owner of Salon WUFF, mobile dog grooming salon project

Caritas Oradea

This project was based on a funding program. When we were ready with all the documents for the acquisition, we found out that we could not do it because the project was not ROP approved. That was a big blow for us, given that we are a non-profit association and do not benefit from such personal funds, so we are very happy that it was all solved in the end, although we were nervous about it.


Everything was based on trust, both from us and from Deltamed, and the project manager completed everything in a timely manner. Although we never saw each other until the delivery, we had a good collaboration, and his attitude was correct towards us. He kept in touch and I am convinced that I received exactly what I needed, although I did not know much about the vehicle and the given technical solution. We are happy with the result and we thank you for all the understanding.


Motivation Romania (they made the recommendation) were right, you worked properly on this project and I’m glad you were recommended to us.

Representative of Caritas Oradea, wheelchair user transport vehicle project

Zi de Bine Association

A huge proud van woke up overnight that all was left in it was the driver’s cab! The rest was taken down and rebuilt piece by piece, with the help of our friends from Deltamed. Now, it has a new staircase, a generator, and two fans. Air conditioning, 2 showers, toilet, and sink. And changing cabins on top of all that.

That is everything it needs in order to offer 500 children from Moldovan villages the chance to cool off from the summer heat. If that were all, we would have been glad. But beyond the coolness, for many of the children I met in the Caravan, it was the first time they saw such a banal thing, you would say: a shower. Which re-anchors us in a painful reality: almost 25% of the Romanian population has an outdoor toilet, in the backyard, and people still wash themselves in the sink.

In extremely harsh terms, the pandemic taught us something, once again, about hygiene and its importance. That the hand washing is not a fad, but a necessity. In his absence, we risk our lives.

This mobile shower project was the captivating way in which we attracted children in discussions about how we can take care of our health.

Thank you very much Deltamed, for the spectacular transformation. The mobile shower is ”resting” now until the summer, when thanks to you, it sets off again, towards hundreds of other children who need it.

Melania Medeleanu, Zi de Bine association, mobile shower project – Microduș Caravan

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