Volunteer firemen with special vehicles for professionnals

Irrespective of the bodywork of the vehicle, the special trucks for the first intervention and control created by our company since 2013 were unanimously acclaimed by all those who have used them, namely firemen from private or professionnal emergency situation services. It is now the turn of firemen from 2 volunteer emergency services – SVSU from Jina and SVSU from Poiana Sibiului to use these special vehicles.

For the first time 2 special vehicles have been created on the Single Cab version of the Volkswagen Amarok utility vehicle, with additional Heavy Duty type suspensions; the main purpose was to allow the addition of a 500 litres water tank and implicitly offer the beneficiary a higher capacity of storage and transport in the fiberglass superstructure which has been mounted on the chassis after the removal of the original tank.

This time as well we have used a group of high pressure pumps which can be connected to external water sources (hydrants, natural sources); the superstructure has also partitionings and custom fasteners for the transport of equipments neccessary for the intervention, leaving the possibility of adding new equipment in the future.

 More details and images of this new special vehicle of Deltamed in our Products page.