A new veterinary ambulance, a new adapted SUV!

It is no longer a secret to anyone, the cars SUV type (Sports Utility Vehicle) can be easily adapted. At least not for us! All special vehicles for emergency realized on cars such as Mercedes GLK, Dodge Nitro, BMW X1, Dacia Duster, Nissan Pathfinder or Land Rover Discovery make the evidence. The large volume of useful space, typically of a break in combination with enhanced capabilities off-road fully recommend them for this purpose, even if they are not some off-road vehicles in the true sense.
An interesting new transformation on such a SUV was performed on a BMW X5, this time the destination was completely different: a veterinary ambulance! We proceeded to dismantle the rear seats to make room for custom furniture which includes more storage areas, fastenings for portable medical equipment and a portable refrigerator powered by the additional 12 V electrical system. In the trunk we mounted a sliding platform on which has been fixed the main unit with several drawers of different sizes and internal fixation for containers.
This special vehicle has a dual purpose: he is able to trail specialized trailers for the animal transport including horses, or if it’s necessary, in case of epidemics, mobile incinerators.