Type C ambulance on a Renault Master chassis

We are glad to announce the launching of a new model of the ambulance built on a Renault Master chassis.

It’s about the ambulance that has the most spacious patient compartment of all the ambulances that currently exists on the Romanian marke, more spectacular, a premiere even at the European level in terms of the modifications of the basic vehicle, both chassis and transmission, having now a Renault Master with a non-permanent four-wheel drive and a chassis with a length between L3 and L4 standards of the production version. Maximum permissible laden weight is 4.5 tons.

The endowment is one corresponding to the type C, for intensive care, and the equipment comes once again from prestigious manufacturers, references in their field. Another premiere related to this launch is the inclusion in the list of equipments of a new protective helmet model, much lighter, more practical and more easy to use for doctors and paramedics. This helmet is one of the very first realized, following the new standards EN 16473: 2014 and EN 16471: 2014, and is compatible with EN 1385: 2012.

Like all the Deltamed ambulances, this ambulance is in conformity to the EN 1789 + A1 standards, the superstructure was specifically and successfully tested according to the DIN 13500 standards.

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