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Deltamed, partner of the NEMO Charitable Gala in Galați

For the passed weekend, we had the joy of celebrating the national day in the most beautiful, authentic and exciting way possible, in the middle of the family of the “Mă bucur de viață” Association, by participating, as guests, partners and sponsors, but first and foremost as friends, at the second edition of the NEMO Charitable Gala, which these absolutely special people organize in Galați.


The event, which included countless artistic moments supported by local artists, plus an open auction with as many bidders as possible, aimed at equipping the Regional Recovery Center for children with neuromotor disorders Vasile Alexandru.


All those many hours of driving to the event seemed insignificant in relation to the level of pure enthusiasm and spirit invested in this project, or to our honor of being able to share this joyful occasion with the organizers. Our Dacia Dokker, adapted for the transport in maximum safety and comfort of the wheelchair users, not only behaved excellently throughout the journey, but it also looked perfectly under the interested eyes of those present, by being exposed in front of the restaurant where the gala took place.


For those of you who feel close to this cause, just like us, and would like to contribute to its noble purpose, we leave you a link to the association’s website, along with our trustworthy urge to transform yourself, even for a moment, into superheroes, for these wonderful children: