Special truck for first intervention and control for the firemen of Cluj-Napoca!

Since in 2013  the Inspectorate of Emergency Situations ‘’Dealu Spirii’’ of the municipality of Bucharest took possession of a similar special truck, it is time to deliver the second special truck for first intervention and control. This time the beneficiary is the ’Avram Iancu’’ Inspectorate of Emergency Situations of Cluj county. The institution which has made this acquisition providing the truck to the firemen of Cluj-Napoca is the Cluj-Napoca Town Hall.

As base frame this time we have used the Volkswagen Amarok Double Cab, with a Heavy Duty suspension, reinforced. On its chassis we`ve made a fiberglass superstructure, having on each side and in the back a generously sized acces, enclosed with aluminium blinds.

Besides the group of high pressure pumps which can be connected to external water sources (hydrants, natural sources) and to the water pool with a capacity of 200 litres the special truck has partitionings and custom fasteners to transport all the equipment requested by the beneficiary, accessories for emergency situations, extrication equipment, equipment for the rescue from height or means of communication.
For photos of this new special truck of Deltamed please access the photo gallery!