This department has known the same development as the rest of the company, our technicians have participated in international fair, launching of new products pertaining to the domain, specialized courses, trainings organized by the producers, the improvement in the company being a continuous process.

The continuous expansion on the territory of Romania has brought: a quicker answer to the requests of our customers in order to support the client, prompter reparations and lower transport / expedition costs – the inauguration of some regional service centers which in present serve clients from all the historical provinces of the country, being located in Bacau, Bucuresti and Cluj (Gilau). This way, for any problems related to the use and maintenance of the equipments commercialized by our company, you can turn with confidence to our Deltamed technicians, who are always at your service.

Contact Service

Service Director
Tel.: +40 264 371568
Mob.: +40 731 840207
After-sales service
Tel.: +40 264 371568
Mob.: + 40 736 216191
Sebastian MERA
Service Transilvania, Crisana, Banat
Tel.: +40 264 371568
Mob.: +40 730 900876
Florin POPA
Service Moldova
Mob.: +40 729 618447

Depending on the problems you encounter – the period of warranty or post-warranty – please contact us as follows:

  • – equipment / medical devices: regional service technicians;
  • – specialized vehicles : post-sale service.

Work site :
Sos. Leordeni, Nr. 161L bis, Popesti-Leordeni, RO-077160, Ilfov

Fax: +40 21 3006567

Business Hours: 08-16:30

E-mail :