Actual production of ambulances was preceded by collaboration with companies like Miesen and Binz, the leading German vehicle bodybuilders at that time, for whom a total of over 700 ambulances have been fitted in the early 2000s. The professionalism proven by the Deltamed staff during each contract quickly became the company’s business card, so in 2005, when Deltamed was looking for a solid partner to start up the production of ambulances in Romania, the joint venture with Dlouhy GmbH, Austria’s market leader, with a share of over 90%, came by itself. The experience and expertise this company has gained in over 140 years of activity on the Austrian and international market have been successfully used in the education, training and qualification of Deltamed employees. Therefore, in 2007 we took the next step, moving from equipment mounting to full ambulance production, mainly based on kits supplied by our Austrian partner. For this purpose, the company inaugurated its production unit in Gilau, Cluj county, where today, in the 5 facilities that sum up a total area of almost 10,000 square meters, a number of 75 specialists work on assembling ambulances and other special vehicles, developed by Deltamed through its research and development department.