Veterinary ambulance


Even though we already transformed several types of vehicles (small vans, SUVs, pick-ups) in veterinary ambulances, we did not stop here and added one more to the list: the van, this time a Volkswagen Crafter. If so far, the main role of such ambulance was to allow the veterinarian to reach the sites of its interventions and to transport its equipment, tools and medication, now the van was chosen particularly for its dimensions, so it can provide a medical compartment big enough – both in height and length – so that the veterinarian can fulfil its duties inside the ambulance.


The van was coated with ABS, for thermal and phonic insulation, while the multilayer wooden floor was covered with a PVC layer, designed for heavy traffic, having antibacterial and anti-slippery properties.
The furniture, having several storage spaces with safety locks against accidental opening, includes even a surgery table while the secondary electrical system – providing the LED lighting for the whole van, the power for the various medical equipment (echograph, microscope, centrifuge, etc) at 230 V sockets, heating/cooling of the van even when stationary – is making possible the charging of all the devices in the van by connexion to an external source of power.


As for the medical devices, the ambulance was delivered with various specific equipment, such as: emergency backpack, restraining tools, surgery kit.


The ambulance is also fitted with fresh – cold or warm – and used water reservoirs, as well as soap, disinfectant and paper towels dispensers.


The ambulance is the result of the transformation of a Volkswagen Crafter GP 35 MR136 HP van.