PICKUP type Veterinary ambulances


Veterinary Ambulances built on various brands and types of pickup trucks, with off-road qualities that come in great support of the veterinarian’s work, allowing him to reach remote areas, on rough terrain and poor roads.


By closing the truck bed with a hard top, a generous space was created, housing on a sliding platform the custom designed furniture, which totalises a volume of 1800 l. The fact that the platform can be pulled out on 2/3 of its length facilitates the access to all the storage spaces, where various tools are kept : grabbers, surgery equipment, a stretcher for small and medium size animals, fixations for the portable diagnostic equipment including their charging ports, as well as a portable cooler – 31 l capacity – powered at 12V by the supplementary electrical system. The same supplementary system provides full LED lighting of all work spaces, 230 V power sockets, heating of the truck bed area as well as the possibility to charge the whole vehicle from an external source.


A hygiene kit is also there : fresh water canister with tap, soap and paper towels dispenser, garbage bin.


The ambulance can built on several models of pickups, like the Isuzu D-Max or the Toyota Hilux.