Special firefighting vehicle with increased off-road capabilities


The performances of this special vehicle, in terms of fire extinguishing, are comparable to those of medium capacity pumpers (2000 liters water, 50 liters foaming agent, high pressure pump – 50 bar ) but is by far exceeding them when it comes to off-road performance, enjoying increased such capabilities thanks to its 4×4 transmission with two lockable differentials. The superstructure has been built in a way to allow the truck to preserve its compact nature, therefore be equally useful when needed in urban areas.
The vehicle is equipped with a kit for emergency medical help, including among others, a defibrillator, a scoop stretcher, immobilization equipment. Still from utility perspective, it is to be mentioned that this particular chassis was chosen thanks to its hydraulic system, which allows the usage of the special vehicle for other purposes, too, for instance snow removal , by attaching a plough or a snow blower.


The vehicle was built on a Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 chassis with permanent all-wheel drive transmission, increased off-road capability , two lockable differentials, 177 HP engine and Euro 5 pollution standard.
The superstructure, fixed on an intermediate chassis, is closed with large aluminum shutters, facilitating quick access to the hose reel drums, discharge guns, hoses and the rest of the equipment and tools, the latter having fiberglass handles . Still inside the superstructure, in the pump’s compartment, a heater was installed preventing the water in the system to freeze, thus making possible to keep the special vehicle also inside unheated spaces .
As usual , for lighting - interior and perimeter - and optical warning installation, we went for LED lamps .