Search and Rescue Containers


Designed to be used by firefighters and/or rescuers, these containers provide storage for a large volume of equipment, tools and devices, which can easily become operational, by means of terrestrial transport of the container to the site of an incident of large proportions, with hook-lift roll off trucks, according to the DIN 30722 standard.


The exact content of these containers can be adapted to the exact needs of each beneficiary, but basically – beside some firefighting equipment – they are transporting as many types of equipment for search and rescue operations as possible: for lifting, for lighting, for extrication, for providing access; pneumatic; for woodwork; rescue at heights, including PPE for the rescuers; for detection of loose electric cables; for detection of buried victims in collapsed structures, landslides, avalanches; PPE for firefighters; construction and building material. Even though there is a large volume of equipment, they are easy to be picked, thanks to an ergonomic compartmentation.


Most equipment can be also independently transported, depending on the specific situation found at the site of the incident, thanks to the aluminum boxes where this equipment is fixed inside the container.