School bus food truck


Even though in Romania the food-truck concept is still something new and not very spread, we decided to involve ourselves in the production of such special vehicles, especially as we met the right partners for this.
The first such food-truck built by us meant the transformation of a Blue Bird school bus.
After removing the original furniture, a partition wall was installed between the cooking/serving area and the driver’s compartment, where a foldable seat was mounted allowing another person to travel alongside the driver.
The interior of the cooking/serving area was upholstered in satin finish stainless steel, after previously the electrical, thermal and ventilation networks were conducted behind the walls and under the floor.
The food-truck-ul may operate autonomously, as it has its own electric generator, as well as fesh and used water reservoirs, but it can also be connected to public utilities networks.
State of the art professional equipment from manufacturers like Ubert, Mareno, Forcar, Liebherr, Tefcold was then installed, displaying the latest trends in food service and gastronomy.
Finally, after the color of the bus was changed, the food-truck was personalized – in airbrush technique – according to the customer’s drawings.


The food-truck was built on a Blue Bird school bus, having a Navistar T444 diesel engine.