Renault Master 8+1, adapted for transporting wheelchair users


This special project, realized for the Inclusive Education School Center in Turnu Rosu – Sibiu, is coached on a chassis by Renault Master 8 + 1 and completely adapted for transporting people with disabilities. The vehicle was commissioned for the transport of students, facilitating the inclusion of the wheelchair users in all the activities involving the center. For the comfort of his beneficiaries, it was opted for an air conditioning system operated individually in the passenger compartment and in the driver’s cab, and for maximum flexibility and increased functionality, in adapting the car were used:
– a linear, fully automatic, electro-hydraulic passenger lift that benefits from an additional electrical circuit and a load capacity of up to 350 kilograms;
– Smartfloor type floor with fastening rails for the possibility of anchoring the wheelchairs, which allow the seats to be mounted in various positions and clamping formulas, both front and rear facing;


8 + 1 PLACES
Equipment level: Comfort
Fuel: Diesel
Motor Energy dCi 145 EURO 6 (Twin Turbo)
Transmission: 4x2, traction (front axle)
Manual gearbox, 6+1