Pyrotechnic container for ammunition and explosive materials


The pyrotechnic container is intended for the temporary storage of ammunition left unexploded during armed conflicts, which fall into risk class 1 according to ADR, discovered on national territory.


This category of equipment is purchased for professional services that intervene in pyrotechnic emergency situations, authorized to perform pyrotechnic missions in which different types of ammunition and means of initiation or explosive substances are handled and used.



The pyrotechnic container can be used for temporary storage of unexploded ordnance, both inside the intervention subunits and in areas where large quantities of ammunition have been discovered and it is necessary to destroy them in the places of discovery, taking into consideration all the safety measures and distances.


The container is manufactured according to the ISO 1C standard, presenting the following dimensions:

– Length: 6058 mm

– Width: 2438 mm

– Height: 2438 mm

The perimeter lighting installation is LED type, provides lighting at 10 m and is powered by an independent power source.


The container is compartmentalized so as to allow the development of all safety operations and to ensure easy access to all materials / equipment from the inventory agreed in the contract.