Mountain SAR Ambulance


The Mountain SAR ambulance has a lot in common with the Emergency Doctor Vehicles, especially the ability of driving in off-road conditions, on rugged terrain, in extreme weather conditions, including roads that are flooded or covered in snow. But unlike the EMD’s, this ambulance is mainly designed for the evacuation, the transport of the victims until the nearest road where regular ambulances can also drive, so the patient can be handed over to medical teams which will continue the ALS and provide the transportation to the hospital.


As for the equipment, it focuses mainly on immobilization and transport (vacuum stretcher and splints, collapsible stretcher, KED, traction splint for femur fractures) but it also carries equipment to allow the rescuers providing ALS (defibrillator, suction unit, oxygen therapy) as well as the emergency backpack with various medical materials.


Especially for this vehicle – a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon – a support for the collapsible stretcher was designed, involving 2/3 from the back side of the folded second row of seats, so the victim can be transported in a more comfortable position, laid down. A perfusion support was also mounted.


The ambulance is arranged on a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon vehicle.