Mobile training center


The Mobile training center of the population and the intervention personnel was arranged in an expandable superstructure built on a Feitzinger Jumbo semitrailer. It is divided in 3 areas: an ambulance simulator, the evaluator’s room and the conference room, the latter being arranged in the expandable part of the superstructure. Outside, on the wall opposing the extension, on the length of the conference room, another working space can be arranged by the opening of an electrically operated awning and the closing with protection tarpaulins of the subsequently created space.

The conference room , having 40 seated places, is equipped – among others – with all kind of electronic equipment: for the recording and playing of various exercises and scenarios, for showing instructional videos and other type of presentations, devices providing Internet access through wi-fi hotspot, as well as other communication and multimedia equipment, for instance laser multifunctionals. A kitchen area was also arranged for the comfort of the trainees and the trainers, providing them with microwave ovens, refrigerator, coffee and tea machine, cold and hot water dispenser, a sink.

The simulator is reproducing – as space, equipment and positioning of the furniture/equipment – the interior of a C type ambulance, allowing the supervisors to evaluate the intervention personnel in various situations, through exercises made on CPR manikins.

In the lower part of the superstructure technical spaces were arranged, housing the very powerful and complex secondary electrical system and also storing other equipment.

In emergency situations, thanks to its dimensions and equipment, the training center can easily be used as a command center of the intervention.


The tractor unit is a Renault T380 while the superstructure was built on a Feitzinger Jumbo semitrailer, with a gross vehicle weight of 20 t