Mobile showroom


The mobile showroom made for our old partners B.Braun Medical Romania is a unique appearance in the range of Deltamed’s special vehicles. It is designed for the participation to expositions, to congresses, to scientific events, having two main functions: on the one hand to expose promotional products and materials and on the other hand it is an excellent space for discussion with visitors.

Spectacular through its simple appearance, thanks to the two inscriptions with images representing the variety of B.Brain products on its two sides and the rear doors. The showroom has 3 compartments: driver + attendants (1+2 people)a discussion space (with access through the sliding door equipped with retractable steps)and space for exposure/storage of appliances and equipment (access through the rear door).

With colors based on the B. Braun identity document, the discussion space is also a mini office where staff members can meet the showroom’s visitors in a pleasant atmosphere. Apart from being an excellent storage place, the benches are designed for 4 people. On one of the side walls a folding table is set up in a fixed position, being easy to handle. Apart from the colors used for the benches’ and the floor’s upholstery, another detail which contributes to the pleasant atmosphere is the LED lightning of the discussion space.

The special vehicle has a Thule Omnistor awning as well, which basically increases the exposure area of the mobile showroom, giving a special note to the access zone of the discussion space.

At the beneficiary’s request, beside the already mentioned inscriptions, magnetic sheets printed with images of B.Braun products were also produced. These sheets can be fixed both on the exterior of the showroom as well as on the interior of the discussion space, where lighted by the directional LED projectors they can be at their best.


The basic vehicle is a Volkswagen Crafter GP35MR, 1+2 seats, GVM 3500 kg