Mobile Recruiting Centre


The job caravan is a recruiting project and also a mobile job centre used by retail leader Lidl to reach the population all over the country and provide them with career opportunities. The bus is structured in 4 areas: a reception including a waiting room, 2 more closable rooms destined for the interviews and an area reserved for the recruiters and their lunch breaks, having a small kitchen with the specific equipment (microwave oven, coffee machine, refrigerator, sink). The driver’s area was isolated from the rest of the bus, which now has only one entrance/exit door, the one in its median part.


All the furniture, including the comfortable couches from the waiting area and the interview rooms are custom-made, specially created for his project.


In the lower part of the bus tehincal spaces were arranged, housing the complex secondary electrical system, designed to power all the consumers requested by the client : LCD screens, refrigerators, kitchen devices, LED lighting, climatisation, laptops, wi-fi routers and so on.


This special vehicle was born by converting a 12 m Iveco Crossway Line bus.