Mobile medical screening unit


This special vehicle is a mobile medical unit designed to facilitate the screening of cervical cancer in areas with poor or difficult access to healthcare services. Just as well, it is destined to provide these services to vulnerable groups, regardless of their residence.

The adaptation included, among others, upholstering the whole van,  installing an auxiliary electrical system in order to power all the equipment – medical or not – thanks to the multiple 12/230 V sockets and to provide the interior lighting of the van, specifically designed for the needs of such a unit. The system also allows the whole vehicle to be supplied, while stationary, from an external source, so besides the medical and IT equipment being powered, the medical team and the patients may enjoy AC, as well as heating/cooling of the medical compartment. The multi-layered floor was covered with a non-skid surface while the access in the compartment is facilitated by a retractable step, electrically operated when opening/closing the side door. The custom-made furniture includes a desk with drawers, stools as well as a bench which also serves as cooled storage, another storage place being arranged above the driver’s compartment. The examinations take place on the gynecological table, a special lamp for this type of exams being installed as well. Various medical supplies and consumables are also carried, in order to ensure the normal operation of the unit. Due to its destination, the van also has a sink, fresh and used water reservoirs and a compressor powered system providing cold and hot water, as well as soap/disinfectant and paper towels dispensers.

Registration of the patients, conclusions of the exams, medical letters can all be written and handed over on spot, thanks to the IT equipment (laptop, printer/MFP).


The mobile medical screening unit was arranged in a Renault Master L3H3 van.