Mobile dental unit


The mobile practice is a medical unit designed to provide dentistry services in areas where the population cannot access them and/or to vulnerable groups.
The adaptation included the installation of an auxiliary electrical system which allows the whole vehicle to be supplied, while stationary, from an external source, besides – of course – providing the interior lighting of the unit, specifically designed for the needs of a dentistry practice and powering various equipment thanks to the multiple 12/230 V sockets.

The multi-layered floor was covered with a non-skid surface while the access on the side door is facilitated by a retractable electrically operated step. The vehicle has on its roof a thermostat adjustable air-conditioning unit, with both cooling and heating function and fresh air input, using some heavy-duty filters. The custom-made furniture also includes a sink, fresh and used water reservoirs and a compressor powered system providing cold and hot water.

As for medical devices and consumables, the unit is carrying everything which is required for a normally functional dentistry practice.


The mobile dental unit was built in a Renault Master L2H2 van.