Mobile blood donation center – Irisbus


Mobile blood donation center.
Functional description
The Collection Center is designed to travel in rural areas or in areas with large influx of population and offers the possibility blood donation, the donor not having to move to collection centers of the area. The bus is divided so that it respects the normal flow of a collection center. The donor is received in a waiting area with 9 seats. It is then consulted and a donor sheet is prepared in the medical history department, going than to donate in the compartment with two armchairs and dedicated medical equipment.
Once the donation completed, the donor can rest and serve hot tea, a snack or a glass of cold water.


The truck was built on a Invevo Irisbus Crossway bus chassis and divided inside into 4 sections:

Waiting department
Anamnesis department
Donation department
Recovery department

Bus Length: 12 m