Mobile dog beauty salon on a Volkswagen Crafter chassis


Together with the final beneficiaries of Salon WUFF, we made possible the FIRST MOBILE BEAUTY SALON in Transylvania, made especially for dogs.


This prototype, developed on a Volkswagen Crafter van chassis belonging to the beneficiary, excited us with every element of challenge it represented, in terms of research, design and execution.


The final result came out of the gate of our production unit in optimal working order, ready for the next activity. The nice partners for whom this mobile salon was developed (and which you can find here:, told us that there are already dozens of small and larger quadrupeds waiting to test their (and our) work, in the most honest way possible, benefiting from the services of complete pampering at home.

The mobile beauty salon project benefited from:

– ABS + Stainless steel interior padding, containing compartments for the technical room with external access, TEGO floor with non-slip and antistatic vinyl coating.

– Fully adapted electrical system.

– Accessories including: 100L / used fresh water installation with 100 L stainless steel tank, electric hot water boiler, water pump, fresh water tank, external water supply, waste water drain hose / 8ml quick coupler.

– Power generator.


Whatever the specifics of the activity provided, you can contact us for a personalized offer, and we promise to always deliver the best solutions for the mobility of your business!


Volkswagen Crafter 2007
apartinand beneficiarului