Medium capacity water and foam pumper


The truck – which according to the volume of water that is carrying in its stainless-steel tank, 3,000 liters, is a medium-capacity one – also has a 300 l foam tank thus enlarging the variety of fire incidents where this special vehicle can be used. is designed to be used at interventions in case of fire, being a medium capacity pumper from the point of view of the water it’s carrying. If the situation is requiring it, the water monitor with adjustable jet and flow installed on the roof of the superstructure can also be used. The high-pressure hose reels are ready to use in a very short time, thanks to their double winding system, manual and electric. The Godiva pump, which is delivering both the water and the foam, also has a foam proportioning system.  The extinguishing module is just as functional while relying on external sources of water, making no difference that they are under pressure (hydrants) or not.
The vehicle is also carrying the tools, devices and equipment that firefighters are usually using. As for the lighting, this is entirely made with LED’s – internal compartments, perimeter and optical warning installation included.


The pumper is built on a IVECO MLC Day Cab 4x4 chassis, having a light but resistant superstructure, closed in the back and on the sides with aluminium roller shutters.