Medium capacity pumper


The truck is designed to be used at interventions in case of fire, being a medium capacity pumper from the point of view of the water it’s carrying. The extinguishing module includes a 3,000 liters stainless steel tank, the water being delivered by a Godiva pump with a 2000 liters per minute capacity.

On the roof of the superstructure a water monitor with adjustable jet and flow is installed. The high-pressure hose reels have a double winding system, manual and electric, therefore being ready to use in a very short time.

The vehicle, which is entirely LED lighted – internal compartments, perimeter and optical warning installation included – is carrying the tools, devices and equipment that firefighters are usually using.


The pumper is built on a MAN TGL chassis, having a light but resistant superstructure, closed in the back and on the sides with aluminium roller shutters.