Heavy Water and Foam Pumper


The truck is designed to be used by the professional, voluntary or private services for emergency situations, at interventions in case of fire. The extinguishing module is composed of one 5,000 liters stainless steel water tank – that also integrates the foam tank with a capacity of 500 liters -, a pump with the capacity of 2000 liters per minute, delivering the water or the mixture and operating on both high pressure (~ 50 bar) and low pressure (~ 18 bar) and, on the roof of the superstructure, a water/foam monitor with adjustable jet and flow.
The outlets for discharging the water – both the low and the high pressure – are located in the back of the vehicle, along the sides, thus improving the access to the front panel of the pump, whose entire compartment has a secondary heating installation, for the normal use of the firefighting truck even at lower temperatures. The double winding system of the high pressure hose reels, manual and electric, facilitates their use in a very short time.
Both the optical warning installation as well as the one which provides the lighting of the internal compartments, respectively the perimeter lighting, are LED type.


The base vehicle chosen for this truck was a MAN TGM 18250 chassis, 4×4, equipped with a Euro 6 engine having an output of 250 hp.
The entire superstructure is located on an intermediary chassis, the modules being attached with elastic buffers. The location of the accessories requested by the customer was made pursuing a better ergonomics of the workspace; the compartments as well as the firefighting equipment installed on the truck can be customized according to the needs and wishes of the customers.