Intervention logistic support containers with personal protective equipment


The logistic support containers ensure the reserve of individual protection equipment destined to guarantee the optimal conditions of safety and protection of the personnel during the long-term interventions that take place at county / regional / national level. The solution of logistic support containers is represented by all the materials and equipment contained and at the same time it is destined for their storage, handling and land transport.

The logistic support containers were manufactured according to DIN 30722 (which defines the height of the hook and the distances to the anchoring elements of the subframe on the transport platform) to be transported by land – with specific vehicles, equipped with hydraulic loading / unloading system with hook according to DIN 30722.

The container is provided inside with shelves, being compartmentalized and organized so as to allow the arrangement of aluminum crates. The equipment specified in the inventory list is individually fixed inside the crates.

The organization of the shelves, the location of the components and the arrangement of the crates (in which the equipment, tools and materials will be inserted) are made so as to ensure both transport and storage in maximum safety and easy loading and unloading, regardless of position. in the container.

To ensure the security of the stored materials, the container was equipped with access blinds provided with a key locking system.

Inside the container, the crates are arranged on shelves with a locking system to prevent their accidental movement. External access to them is easy, regardless of their position inside.

The solution of logistic support containers with protection equipment has a fixed access ladder on the ceiling, positioned in the front of the container, next to the loading system.


The main features of the container:

Overall dimensions:
Length = 6500 mm
Width = 2500 mm
Height = 2300 mm

Empty weight: approx. 2,700 kg;

Loaded weight: approx. 5,900 kg;

Maximum allowable load: 10,000 kg;

Greutate incarcat: aprox. 5.900 kg;

Sarcina maxima admisibila: 10.000kg;