Imbiss / Grill Kaufland


After countless special projects of vehicles and mobile solutions for various destinations, we added another new product to our portfolio, a stationary solution, in the shape of a container. Containers too can be used in several applications, according to their equipment and to the materials they’re made from, applications ranging from the civilian sector to the military one, also including emergency situations.

A first such container was an imbiss – a cooking/serving food stand – measuring 8500x2500x2700 mm, fitted with state-of –the-art gastronomy, cold and storing equipment from the professional product lines of manufacturers such as Ubert, Liebherr, Piazza, Forcar.

Previously, the sanitary, thermal and electric networks were installed through the floor and the walls, allowing – among others – to arrange a heating system through the flooring and a strong, reliable, electric system, providing total safety during usage for all the equipment in the container. The container was also fitted with powerful fans and exhaust hoods, specially designed for long-term usage under heavy conditions of high temperatures, removing airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, odors, heat and steam from the air by evacuation of the air and filtration

The interior of the cooking/serving area was upholstered in satin finish stainless steel (walls and ceiling) while the floor was covered with a high-quality, water-clear epoxy resin with polyurethane coated granules. The floor is seamless, anti-slip and trip-proof, with excellent thermal resistance, mechanical and chemical stability, durable and hardwearing while being extremely easy to clean and disinfect.


The container, measuring 8500x2500x2700 mm, is made of steel profiles, the walls being made from aluminum with fireproof thermal insulation.