Highly contagious patients transport ambulance


The highly infected patients transport ambulance is built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. The superstructure is made of sandwich panels coated on the inside with stainless steel, which allows the use of the strongest disinfectants. Beside the powerful HEPA filters system, negative pressure is continuously produced inside the ambulance, preventing the airborne pathogens exiting the vehicle

The ambulance also incorporates a multiple victim transport system, making it a multi-use vehicle. It can transport up to 9 rescuers to the site of a mass-casualty incident, where from up to 6 victims can be evacuated: 4 on foldable stretchers and 2, in a better medical condition, on chairs. Instead of the 4 foldable stretchers, the ambulance can carry 2 patients on trolley stretchers or even a hospital bed.

Bariatric patients can also be transported, as a winch can be installed, allowing to pull up on the loading ramp the special stretcher of such a patient.


The basic vehicle is a Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 chassis, 3 liters, 184 HP, with superior off-road capabilities compared to standard vehicles, thanks to an additional conversion of the traction (selectable four-wheel drive). The maximum payload of the ambulance is 4500 kg.