First intervention special vehicle Piaggio Porter


Piaggio Porter Maxxi, first intervention special vehicle, is a unbeatable unit of intervention when it comes to work in the small spaces. Thanks to her small size and turning radius of only 4.6 m, on one hand, but also the ability to transport up to 1.08 tonnes, on the other hand, this chassis was transformed after the installation of our superstructure in a special vehicle, very useful for teh private firefighters or volunteer services, even for the professionals. The vehicle is equipped with an ultra high pressure pump powered from a tank of 200 l that it carries, or from an external sources (natural or terminals). Depending on your needs, the superstructure can carry an increased amount of water or a mixture of water and moss, or a larger number of specific machines and equipment. The car can carry two deservents, which can act both alone as well as a complement to other staff deployed during the intervention.


For this special vehicle was used the Chassis Cab version of the Piaggio Porter Maxxi vehicle with a maximum weight of 2.2 tons, double rear axle and a diesel engine with a capacity of 1308 cc and a power of 52 kilowatts. At the rear of the chassis was constructed a light and strong superstructure, from fiberglass and fasteners (side and rear) with aluminum blinds.