Emergency Doctor Vehicle Ford B-Max


The range of the intervention special vehicles, for the emergency physician (MU) – vehicles designed for fast movement at scene of an accident, in case the crew or the ambulance crews which intervene, have not in their component an doctor – contains a new model, one built on a Ford vehicle B -Max. If until now we have focused on cars of the SUV 4X4 range and the capabilities of these, the Ford B-Max MU has the advantage of being able to move quickly and easily especially in urban areas thanks to the handling, to the small size and velocity of the basic car.

The equipment is secured in the trunk and the rear passenger seat, on a custom furniture, the access to them is very easy due to the constructive peculiarities of the basic machine – no B-pillar – the pillar between the front and rear doors are included in the sliding door. The furniture incorporates the mounting supports of each piece of equipment; more, the supports are providing- where is necessary – including the power supply equipment, a process which has made this additional electrical system, independent of the electrical system of the basic machine.


Ford B-Max with EcoBoost petrol engine of 1 liter and a power of 100 hp.