BMW Veterinary Ambulance


Veterinary Ambulance realized on a BMW X5, which perfectly combines the large amount of useful space, typically a break with enhanced capabilities for travel on rough terrain, even if it is an off-roader in the true sense.
The rear seats were removed to make space for the custom furniture, which includes besides the storage areas, fixations of portable medical equipment and electric power sources for these and a refrigerator with thermostat, also portable, powered at 12V by the supplementary electrical system. In the luggage compartment we mounted, on a laminate floor, a sliding platform on which we set the main piece of the furniture with many drawers of different sizes, with internal fixation for containers.
The special truck has a dual purpose: he can drag specialized trailers for transporting animals, including horses, or if it’s necessary, in case of epidemics, mobile incinerators.


The base of the machine is a BMW X5 SUV, 2 seats, 3,500 kg MTMA