Barrier VR Showroom


The concept of mobile showroom just reached a new level, thanks to this conversion that we have made for our customers from Electric Plus, the company that 15 years ago launched the Barrier® product line and ever since then is producing, under this brand, PVC windows and doors, becoming one of the most important players in the insulating joinery field.


The truck is mixing the idea of a showroom with the one of a meeting area, where the absolute novelty is the introduction of virtual reality technology for demonstrating the energetic efficiency of the Barrier® products.


The showroomul was built on a semitrailer – already owned by the customer – which was refurbished according to its new destination; in the lower part, accesible from the exterior, several compartments were arranged, housing the various tools, materials and equipment, as well as the retractable steps allowing the access in and out of the showroom.


A secondary electrical system was installed as well, allowing the lighting, the audio-video equipment, the climatisation and the other 230 V connected consumers to properly work. The system can be connected to an external source, too and – if necessary – cand be replaced by a 5,2 kW generator.


The showroom was built on a semitrailer pulled by a Mercedes Sprinter.