Off-road ambulance

The prestige acquired on the international market for auto body shops, brought us into the position to be invited to take part in various partnerships or common projects, designed to find technical upgraded solutions, more modern and having as finality the development and the launch of new products. In addition to these partnerships with external coachbuilders are a sign of recognition and appreciation of the foreign companies that looks to us, we are equally proud that some pioneers remain on the Romanian market, as we have been since the beginning.

As a result of such partnership, appeared the off-road ambulance of first aid/intensive therapy.

With a superstructure designed by our partners from Tamlans, tested in the snows ofFinland, this new and spectacular transformation of the versatile VW Amarok, gave birth to an ambulance that can really face the harsh climatic conditions and/or difficult accessibility, enjoying at the same time the off-road superior performance to the wheel drive vehicles.
The equipment offered by us includes also latest generation fan and when a doctor is part of the vehicle crew, the ambulance can be considered a type C resuscitation ambulance.

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