Modern special vehicles in the Moisei commune

A bold idea, a project well done, a successful partnership! The recipe through which in the Moisei commune, from Maramures county, arrived 3 modern special vehicles, along with the successful completion of the “quick intervention system in emergency situations” program, funded by the ENPI Cross Border Cooperation Program Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine.

Emergency situations, including the better management, was covered by the implementation of this project were heavy snowfalls, floods, fires and medical emergencies. By this way, here, have been bought three vehicles especially equipped for quick and effective intervention in situations such as those mentioned:

– a vehicle with a blade / plow and pad material distribution device, which in the months without snow, carries a flow of the water pump with suction pipes and exhaust pipes
– a first intervention vehicle for fire
– a Type B ambulance, for the first aid

If the first two special vehicles remained in the administration of the Moisei City Hall, the ambulance was already delivered for use to SMURD Maramures, to serve the population of the north of the county.

We are happy to add the Moisei commune on the list of the localities where the local authorities have managed to acquire, for the community benefit, this special vehicle and we hope their example to be followed by other mayors.