Heavy water and foam pumper

The end of 2015 meant for us the enlargement of our range of special vehicles designed for use in emergencies, as we launched the heavy water and foam pumper. This truck was delivered to the Voluntary Service for Emergency Situations of the municipality of Sebes, in Alba county.
The truck bodywork is a MAN chassis, model TGM 18250, 4×4, equipped with an engine with pollution class Euro 6, having an output of 250 hp. The water tank is made of stainless steel, has a capacity of 5,000 liters of water and integrates also a foam basin, with a capacity of 500 liters. The entire superstructure is located on an intermediate chassis, the modules being attached with highly elastic buffers.
The pump provides water delivery to 2000 liters per minute and works both high pressure (~ 50 bar) and low pressure (~ 18 bar) and on the roof of the superstructure was installed a water/foam cannon with adjustable jet and flow.
All the parts and components used, have a Western origin.
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