The end of 2014 brought the enrichment of our portfolio, with the launching of two new models of special vehicles: two heavy duty rescue and recovery (heavy extrication) trucks, the first units being delivered to the Service of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations of the Republic of Moldova.
Primarily designed to respond to a road or rail accident, these special vehicles include the full range of extrication equipment. Furthermore, our concept also includes an extinction module, consisting of an ultra-high pressure pump and a water tank with foaming agent, the capacity of which may vary depending on the weight of the other devices, but which in our standard model has a volume of 1000 l.
The equipment can be supplemented by a crane that allows, on one hand, the clearing of the road or railway bed by removing various obstacles which obstruct the traffic, and, on the other hand, the recovery of damaged vehicles fallen outside the roadway.
The base vehicle chosen for this truck was a MAN TGM 18.350 4×4 double cab chassis.