The first Dacia Dokker for the transport of persons in a wheelchair purchased by a taxi company

Although in 2006 the Law nr. 448 on the protection and promotion of the rights of people with disabilities determined for all taxi service companies the obligation of providing at least one car adapted to the transport of persons in a wheelchair, the potential beneficiaries are to this day discriminated. Even if it was expected (although unacceptable) that the operators concerned would shirk from the compliance with this law, the passivity of those in charge of the implementation and the enforcement of this law in the past 8 years it is totally unaccountable.

In this context, in order to support those involved one way or another, at the end of 2013 our company has launched on the Romanian market the Dacia Dokker for the transport of persons in a wheelchair. A few months later such a special vehicle was purchased by Taxi Royal, a company from Târgu Mureş. This way it became the first Romanian taxi operator beneficiary of this model. At another few months away after having passed through all the bureaucratic formalities in order to put this special vehicle into circulation as a taxi, we are glad to announce that at Târgu Mureş the persons in a wheelchair can from now on benefit from taxi transportation by turning to the services of the Royal company!

We can only congratulate those from Royal Taxi- whom you can reach at the telephone numbers 0745406696 or 0265 204942 – and we hope that in the near future more and more taxi operators from more cities of the country will follow their example.

Freedom of movement and mobility for everyone!