Deltamed, official distributors of VB-Airsuspension solutions in Romania

Through the same quality services we always deliver and benefiting from the experience and all the relevant resources accumulated over time, we now make available for the romanian market the original products of our Dutch partners VB Airsuspension – thus resolving any type of car suspensions problems.


VB Airsuspension provides some of the most high-quality and competitive air suspension solutions in various configurations, adapted to any vehicle type. These variants of full, semi or auxiliary suspensions, automatic and adjustable, often prove to be essential, especially for commercial vehicles, freight transport, and can prevent or solve a multitude of suspension problems.



The coil springs suspension is, for example, replaced in the full version, with a complete air suspension system, which includes air springs, shock absorbers, height sensors, a compressor and an electronic control unit (VB-ASCU) . The air suspension system filters bumps in the road surface, improving comfort while driving.



On the go, the vehicle will remain constant at the height set during installation by the VB suspension. Thus, the driving mode, maneuverability and stability of the vehicle are improved, features that increase, implicitly, the level of safety. When the vehicle is stationary (in some cases with the parking brake applied), the height of the loading platform may be increased / decreased, as appropriate, to allow for the occupants to enter/ leave comfortably, and for goods to be loaded and unloaded easily.



VB-Airsuspension full air suspension systems come with a high-performance remote control that can be used to easily operate all system functions.



The solution is available in the variants of air suspension system for the rear axle or complete air suspension for the front + rear axle. However, there are many more options available, so you can contact us for a prior consultation or a personalized price offer, in order to identify the most suitable solution, completely adapted to the characteristics of the vehicle and the performed activity.



Conclusion. VB-FullAir advantages:

– Constant height while driving
– Increased comfort for the driver and passengers alike
– Optimal maneuverability
– Increased stability
– Kneeling function to facilitate easy entry and exit in / out of the vehicle
– Better protection for fragile / delicate goods
– Kneeling function for convenient loading and unloading of goods
– Less tire / brake wear
– Reduced CO2 emissions
– The spare wheel remains under the vehicle