Continuous investments, the guarantee of sustainable success (part I)

Through the Extension of the production capacity of SC DELTAMED SRL project (SMIS code 114062), project managed by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration as Managing Authority, and by the North-West Regional Development Agency as an Intermediate Body, and co-financed from the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020, our goal to optimize the entire technological process that defines our activity has become a reality.
Among the objectives that had to be ticked in achieving this daring journey are multiple endowments and strategic reorganizations, but also major, continuous investments, all of which lead organically to the increase in volume of the actual goods produced by our company, but also of the degree of innovation as a whole, in the production process.
In this first part of the series dedicated to the presentation of these investments, we included the general-purpose purchases, but also those made for the large-scale assembly workshops and the mechanical processing workshop.
As proper equipment, these investments were translated by providing:
A complete photovoltaic system;
A CNC laser cutting machine
A hydraulic press;
Two machines for deburring and chamfering;
A semiautomatic band saw;
Two welding apparatus;
Three mobile suction and filtration units;
A vertical column drill;
A vertical processing center.
The photovoltaic panels, mounted on the roof of one of our building structures, currently support the energy for our offices and for a permanently functioning machine (compressor). Also, the complete photovoltaic system also plays the role of an uninterruptible energy source for the computer system.
The CNC laser cutting machine significantly improves the technological flow of all the products in the portfolio, by eliminating the subcontractors for the manufacture of sheet metal parts. Most of the necessary metal products can now be produced in-house. From here, obviously, multiple benefits can be extracted: cost savings (material, transport), an execution time reduced on average to 10% compared to the previous one, and the possibility of executing small series. Also, this modern equipment allows a much easier construction of the bodies of vehicles for the food industry – foodtrucks (their interior must be built entirely of stainless steel, and the bodywork of the interiors made with complex shapes according to the standards in the field was almost impossible in the absence of this machine).
All other equipment purchased to equip the mechanical processing workshop contributes to the significant improvement of the fire engines and the superstructures executed on the chassis of light trucks and commercial vehicles, while allowing the execution of more complex and better finished metal structures.
The execution time has decreased considerably with the commissioning of these equipment, by automating processes that have been carried out until this time much more troublesome (the hydraulic press and the machining center allow, for example, the retrieval of the operating parameters directly from the design program CAD – Solid Works, and the band saw allows the cutting of metal profiles and pipes with a speed of 3 times higher than the one possible through the previous equipment).
We are convinced, now more than ever, that real progress can only be made possible through uninterrupted investments and through keeping an open mind, when it comes to continuously improving the technological flow, the training of the available human resources and the increase of your capabilities, as producer and employer alike. For the transparency of this whole process, and because we are truly proud of everything we have accomplished until now, this series will continue with descriptions of all the recent changes made to our company, through this innovative project.