About us


Deltamed mission is to produce special purpose vehicles of the highest quality which can provide confidence and safety. In order to meet the real needs of our customers, we search and use the latest production technologies, the most advanced materials and equipment and our staff is continuously trained to be the most competent in the field. We  promote innovative solutions in order to exceed every time customer expectations. Through the working environment that we created and our organizational culture we wish to retain our employees, to instill motivation, dedication and the joy of work well done, values that guide us too.


  • Integrity – we are honest, we respect the laws and we honor our commitments.
  • Innovation – we are open to new ideas and we encourage initiatives that favor progress and change. We invest in top resources, in order to keep the results at the same level.
  • Quality and professionalism – we promote the culture of a work well done, by competent and responsible people.
  • Social responsibility – we identify and put into practice solutions in order to ensure the safety, comfort and personal development of our employees. We also get involved in charity campaigns and events with a strong impact on the community, hoping to make a real difference everyday, in the society me made ourselves a part of.

Who we are

Deltamed is currently the largest manufacturer of ambulances and special intervention vehicles in Eastern Europe, a company with 100% romanian capital, who stood in the service of professional rescuers and bold entrepreneurs for over 20 years now.

Being an automotive technology company that does everything from scratch, from the concept / design stage and to the smallest detail of the actual execution, we have total control over the elements and the quality of their combination, being able to deliver each time an optimal finished product.

We aim for the work we do to talk about quality, innovation and social responsibility, much more than about commercial value. We believe that during the over 20 years of experience, we have become known, first of all, as facilitators, as a 100% Romanian brand that offers REAL, reliable solutions for mobility. We are NOT just bodybuilders, and we certainly do not limit ourselves to our quality as sellers. We are people with common values, who strongly believe in what they do and invest everything in it, to the last resort. We are people who are not only content to believe that there are alternatives, but are stubborn enough to search & find them!

And if through all of that written above you feel that we spoke your language, we encourage you to keep up to date with the positions available in our company, and to join the department that suits you best.

We are not superheroes, but we have been their shadowy support for over 20 years. And now, you also have the opportunity to reach your potential and contribute to these fabulous results, from the middle of a team built for excellence.

What makes us special

Deltamed currently means:

  • 7 production halls with a cumulative area of ​​almost 15,000 sqm;
  • real capacity to manufacture body elements 100% in-house (metal, plastic, wood), by own means – we have ABS thermoforming workshop for the creation of interior upholstery, sandwich panel production sector, a wiring laboratory involved in the design and production all low voltage connections, and a carpentry department that designs and makes all the furniture elements. We also manufacture superstructures and fiberglass elements, for which we also produce the necessary molds;
  • 3 sales offices – in Bucharest, Gilău and Iași;
  • 3 service and maintenance work points, located in Bucharest, Gilău and Bacău;
  • Research & Design, Quality Control and After Sales dedicated departments ;
  • over 150 specialists who work every day to identify and implement the best solutions in the field;
  • over 20 years of accumulated experience in the production of special vehicles
  • An average turnover of more than 35 million euros for the last 3 years.

With the 7 dedicated workshops it incorporates, our factory can currently process metal sheets and profiles through: laser cutting, CNC processing (3/4 axes), bending and cutting, milling, welding, sandblasting and painting.

All these workshops, respectively the activities that we can carry out through them, are also available to third parties, for whom we are ready to provide all these services, as far as the production capacity allows.

The actual production unit is located in northwestern Romania – Gilău, Cluj County – close to Cluj Napoca, the capital of Transylvania.

What others say about us

Because we do not like to brag about ourselves, more details about us can be read in the articles below, just a few examples of those written by representatives of renowned specialized publications, which have treated our work in a documented and professional way:

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Deltamed was founded in 1997 in Cluj Napoca, and until now has operated on the local and European market of special vehicles, respectively medical equipment, establishing itself as the most important manufacturer of ambulances and provider of mobile solutions for the emergency field.

This continuous progress has been made possible by a gradually developed portfolio, which today includes an impressive range, both in terms of medical equipment and special vehicles.

Of the approximately 4,000 vehicles delivered to date, we provided optimal solutions for mobile medical offices of various specializations, including dentistry, public and private ambulances (human or veterinary), fire extinguishers of various capacities, auto-laboratories, showrooms, workshops and mobile shops, wheelchair users adapted vehicles, mobile offices, command points, food trucks, transport solutions for multiple victims and highly contagious patients, vehicles dedicated to the military and aviation sector, personal training mobile points, our beneficiaries finding themselves among the key players of the main public and private domains in Romania.

  • 2000: first contract to supply 147 ambulances for the Ministry of Health
  • 2006: first equipped ambulances in Romania and delivered to SMURD
  • 2007: ambulances production facility opened in Gilău, Cluj County
  • 2008: contract to supply ambulances and equipments for the Ministry of Health
  • 2009: First Mobile Control Point delivered to SMURD
  • 2010: 5 mobile blood donation points made on buses and the first fire trucks for the first intervention
  • 2011: 6 FRAP fire truck for the first intervention
  • 2011: first 2 medicalized motorcycles in Romania, used by SMURD
  • 2012: first export of ambulances (Bulgaria)
  • 2012: first veterinary ambulance
  • 2013: first vehicle adapted to the transport of persons in a wheelchair (Dacia Dokker)
  • 2013: first fire extinguishing truck delivered to a Private Service for Emergency Situations
  • 2014: first heavy duty rescue and recovery trucks
  • 2014: first export of heavy duty rescue and recovery trucks (Republic of Moldova)
  • 2014: first vehicles delivered to Voluntary Services for Emergency Situations
  • 2015: first heavy water and foam pumper
  • 2015: first 8+1 wheelchair accessible Multiple Passenger Vehicle
  • 2015: first ambulance for highly contagious patients
  • 2015: first compact water and foam pumper
  • 2015: exhibitors at Interschutz (Hannover, Germany), Europe’s largest fair for firefighting, disaster relief and rescue
  • 2016: the first large sized expandable superstructure
  • 2016: the first food-truck
  • 2017: first mobile recruiting centre
  • 2017: first mobile dental unit
  • 2017: first multirisk and search&rescue containers

Company registration data:

  • Headquarter: Muncii street, nr. 33-37, RO-407310 Gilau, Cluj county
  • RC: J12/845/1997
  • CUI: RO9434372
  • Raiffeisen Bank Cluj, IBAN: RO18 RZBR 0000 0600 1007 7011

Over time, Deltamed worked with renowned companies in the industry such as: Miesen, Binz, Dlouhy, Me.ber GS – Corpuls, Medtronic Physio-Control, Weinmann, Fresenius, etc. being placed permanently at the boundaries of technology and design for each product supplied to customers in Romania.

We pride ourselves on our durable collaborations and the results we deliver together!

The list of our main clients includes the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Justice, various SMURD units, “Henri Coandă“ Airport, “Aurel Vlaicu“ Airport, government and state agencies, Euronest Intercommunity Development Associations, Center of Transylvania, West, South Muntenia, South-East, Northern Transylvania, Bucuresti-Ilfov, private companies, non-governmental associations and organizations.