After we have realized and implemented dozens of projects for original and advantageous both mobile and fixed turnkey business solutions, in a format perfectly adapted to the field of activity, the specific challenges and the budget allocated by each client, we could say with certainty that I have identified the most versatile variants. One of the easiest to approach such solutions is without a doubt and perhaps that realized on various metal structures of container type, on which various businesses were prepared – from mobile restaurants and showrooms, to salons, cabinets and shops. . Thus, the time has come to put our precious information accumulated over time. the experience, imagination and technology we have, in the service of the rescuers so hard tried lately, in trying to provide them with REAL solutions, easy and fast, to improve the current situation. And this is a very challenging counter-chronometer mission given that, along with all the prevention methods that have been brought to your attention through the media channels, we must also identify the best TESTING and DIAGNOSTIC tools, for be able to stop the spread of the virus and minimize its effects (at least) in our country. Thus, we present today a new project, FIRST – a complete, reliable and as simple as possible solution for a MOBILE LABORATORY screening for multiple infectious cases, fully equipped on a basic container type support.


This would give our country the advantage of an easy to transport platform from one focus area to another and of an innovative and very fast detection methodology, with indisputable efficiency, which can be replicated, if necessary, for other similar situations. Thus, once arrived at the temporary location arranged by the authorities, the mobile laboratory is ready to work in a short time (we estimate about 30-40 minutes), necessary to remove the small equipment from their storage boxes (which can be found in each of the rooms where they are located. will use). Considering the quality of the analysis kits of patients infected with COVID-19 virus and of the set of devices proposed to be part of the equipment of this mobile laboratory, we consider that the results of the patients tested (in sets of 32 persons) can be ready in about 3 hours from the time of sampling. This will allow the rapid reporting of the results obtained, while facilitating optimal decision making, regarding the patients tested positively! This time is perfectly comparable to that obtained in specialized laboratories in hospitals or accredited test centers in Romania, in some cases being even less sensitive (some of the kits used on the market provide such results even after 7-8 hours)!


The most effective and rapid method of confirming the virus is the detection of virus nucleic acid (RNA) from samples taken by nasopharyngeal scraping. Another rapid detection method allows the identification (within 10-15 minutes) of COVID-19 IgM and IgG antibodies from whole blood samples, serum or plasma, of patients (symptomatic but asymptomatic) already carrying, after about 3 years. -7 days after infection.


Our project is a complete one, for the detection of infections with the new COVID-19 coronavirus, both by identifying the coronavirus RNA and the IgM and IgG antibodies developed by the infected patients, in a mobile genetic laboratory, capable of being transported. quickly in remote or isolated areas, where the population in that area can be effectively evaluated for possible viral infections. The endowment of the mobile genetic laboratory offered by our company is one of the last generation, very versatile and flexible, which addresses first of all the diagnosis of this new type of COVID-19 virus, but which allows other generic analyzes or determinations of other viruses by the method. Real-Time PCR, if the kits specific to those types of infections are used (for example: Ebola, SARS, MERS, influenza A, B, etc.).


The laboratory rooms are optimally arranged in the space available in the container (type Abrol or ISO 20) used as a basic structure. In order to ensure the optimal sterility conditions of the two laboratories (since the detection method by RT-PCR is sensitive to contamination), access in each of the two laboratories is done through decontamination rooms that do not communicate between them – so that allows a safe and effective disinfection before access. The samples are transferred between compartments only through safety SASs, each equipped with UV light decontamination systems, as well as each room separately.


For ultra-high-level room disinfection, in addition, a special system is used that generates aerosols rich in electrostatically charged peroxide anions, which ensures advanced disinfection (6-log type), the disinfection cycle being carried out automatically without neglecting hard-to-reach surfaces for manual deletion. From the data we have available so far, there were no other similar laboratories of clinical genetics, operable on mobile platforms, so versatile and easy to move between different outbreaks, depending on the fluctuating needs of the pandemics, on the Romanian market.


Let us not forget that the business solutions that can be realized on a similar structure are innumerable, dictated more by our imagination than by the actual logistical or practical variants,

For any type of personalized offer, we remain at your disposal.

This laboratory is still in the project stage. As it is a customized product, its implementation will take place based on the firm orders.

The illustration photo belongs to an autolaboratory project realized in our factory in 2019.